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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recap of FLOW 2008

Aiiight, so as most of you know, this weekend was Flow 2008 in RI. Green Street was in the building, collaborating with On Trak Ent. and Mulatto for an absolutely crazy performance. We performed 'Remember my Name' and 'Cloud Nine' off Kharakter's sophomore album, The Composition of Karma. For y'all that have been sleeping, you can scroll back a couple posts to get the low down on 'Cloud Nine'. Anyway, I had a crazy time this weekend, and I'm gonna post all the details later, but for now, I just want to put the video from our performance up so y'all can get a feel for how crazy it was. A huge shoutout to everyone who made it happen - Kharakter, Flips, J. Dodds, Paradise, G-Skillz, Low Ray, and everyone who made the trek out to watch us perform, much love! I have some more footage that I will post up later, some VH1 Behind the Scenes ish, but y'all are gonna have to wait for that. Enjoy.