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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writers block...

One joint is done..

Frustrated. Be back tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"'Cause we out here grindin..."

It's like 4 in the morning right now, we just wrapped another night at the Green Street club, Im stupid tired right now..good news is: the new album ALMOST done. About 80% of the joints are recorded, I gotta mix some stuff down and we're still coming up with some finishing touches. Ren got some ill concepts for this joint, so hopefully we can wrap it up soon (nh). Looking for a release in May. ALSO, The new mixtape should be out in about 3 weeks (I need help with the artwork for it, so all you Photoshop heads out there, PLEASE GET AT ME), as a prelude to the album, and then hopefully we'll be at the Grammys next year. Its only a matter of time, holla!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Aight, so I couldn't wait til Monday to update this, so here I am. A couple weeks ago, my man Kharakter from On Trak hit me up with the big news...we got selected to compete for the chance to open for LUPE FIASCO. LUPE? LUPE. All of us over here at Green Street are extremely hyped about this but THIS WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT YALL SUPPORT. I encourage everyone in the Boston/New England area to try to make it out on April 8th to watch us. CALL ME TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS REGARDING GETTING A RIDE THERE, WE GOT YALL. IT IS A FREE EVENT, and the whole Green Street/On Trak/Mullato family will be out in full effect so check us out!!

More details here:

WE TAAKIIN' OVERR, one city at a time. Holla. Back tomorrow with more.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back off of hiatus...

[Jay-Z]Y'all can wear sneakers on the beach if you want to..[/Jay-Z]

Aight, I apologize. We had to take a couple days off. But we caught the red eye back from Miami and I'm on my way to the Bean tonight. BIG things going down with me this weekend in Boston(Whaddup Eli, Dabbs and Jones!?) and Ren got things cookin' in NYC so stay tuned for an update on Monday.

MisterDev whaddup, homie? I need them jewels son, iced out pandas and all that..


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


What up world! Fresh from the lab, we are proud to present our new single, Rose, featuring John Mcclane and Wondermaxx, produced by Stephen Jones of Introspective Minds. This is going to be the first single off the Green Street & Introspective Mind collaboration album which will be released in summer '09.

Here is a little background on the song from the MC/Hip hop funky man himself, Wondermaxx:

"Yo blogosphere, what it do? crazy story: last summer i ventured to boston (my old home) to meet up with my old crew: green street. These guys have been doing true school, jazzy, savory hip hop since high school and show no signs of slowing up or changing direction.

Anyway, on my return trip to the bean, we got together and did a jam at like 5AM due to the fact that renaissance, the producer, engineer, and creative genius, in short the GZA of the crew had to be on a plane to Europe the next morning. John McClane, fellow beantown emcee and colleague of the green street crew put together the hook, and in a drunken, tired, but meditative state at 5am, we dropped our respective verses on it."

You can stream it here and download it for ya ipods and whatnot. Enjoy!