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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


1. Rise and Grind
2. Dance!
3. Runnin' Through Time

Listen to the single, "Dance!" here:

"...over beats made from a cat overseas..."

It's funny how some things just fall into your lap. That's what happened with this joint. We get a lot of dudes sending us messages trying sell us beats, do collaborations, etc., but this one was on some other ish.

I was going through our messages a few weeks ago and clicked on one from this producer Thallus out in Germany. The body of the message just said: "got some beats for u. here u go..." and then a z-share link. I like checking out beats that dudes throw at us, but usually we get a dialogue going before we exchange tracks. I ended up passing this one over because I thought it was some sorta scam or virus.

But I came back to the message a couple days later, and, being the beat-head that I am, I got a little reckless with it and downloaded it against my better judgment. I unzipped the file NH and found 14 fresh beats. 3 of them really stood out, so we just ran with those. We cheffed up some concepts, A-Live went to work, and a couple weeks later, we got a short EP for y'all.

I figure I'll just shoot Thallus a message back saying: "got some tracks for u. here u go...Green Street & Thallus - Rise and Grind

Check it out and throw us some feedback. And for those of you waiting for some new Renaissance beats, the wait is almost over. Peace.


[Cover art courtesy of Ben Cheng aka Sir Benjamin Franklin]


Anonymous says:
April 23, 2009 at 12:48 AM

hot shit. make sure that dude doesn't pwn you with copyrights or something.

but again hot shit.
i hear some strange tribe vibes comin off this joint.

Anonymous says:
April 24, 2009 at 6:39 PM

whoa running through time is some deep scary Nas influenced shit.

Like it boys, keep it real