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Thursday, November 6, 2008

So I'm still feeling the high from Tuesday night...shoutsout to everyone we met in PA and NYC that night...I told y'all we were gonna get it! Right now though, I gotta big up my man Eli, aka Papa E, aka the ya baby momma's favorite dude, aka WTBU's foremost hip-hop DJ. Even though it took like 9 years, he finally blogging from his spot so y'all need to hit it up and check out what hes doing:

Also, Eli hosts 'Bars 'n Hooks', BU's finest hip-hop radio show, every Weds. from 2-4. Go to to check that out! You can hit him up with requests for songs, questions, concerns about Sarah Palin, whatever you want...[The Spinners] He'll be there for you.[/The Spinners].

Also, stay tuned from some exclusive Green Street ft. Papa E material...coming soon...

I'm out for now...y'all Obama haters need to get you some tylenol.