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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jawns of the Week: Back on the Block

A big part of why we do this has always been our influences. We’ve been trying to put people onto the music we listen to since back in high school. We knew that a lot of people would dig the music we were into if they were exposed to it, and always took it into our own hands to make that happen. For those of you are looking for more of those jawns, or those who like our music and want to know where our sound came from, your prayers have been answered.

This blogspot gives us an easy way to compile some of those joints that helped make our Green Street sound possible. We’re gonna make posts like these every weekend, so instead of nagging us to put you on to some new fire, just come check back every week to get your fix.

We’re gonna start off with different themes each week for the first month, and then we’ll start mixing it up after that. We’ll start it off with the songs that originally gave us our direction with the music we wanted to create. Enjoy.


Foreign Exchange“All That You Are”
Justice System“Summer in the City”
Pete Rock"Take Your Time"
Kev Brown“Allways”
Little Brother“Speed”


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