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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our first song ever?

Aight, so tonight, for better or for worse, we present the first song that we made as a group. This was made back in October, 2005 and its crazy to think how much time has passed since then. Its hard to say what exactly sparked us get our stuff together and make a song, but it was probably a combination of the artists we were listening to and the need to break out of everything that was going on.

This song was built around a piano sample from Miles Davis and a vocal sample from Nancy Wilson's "Never Will I Marry". We created the drum track ourselves, and this was our first time really messing with programming our own drums instead of using break beats and what not. Unfortunately, its pretty easy to see how immature our style was, but looking it back, you can't knock the hustle...word to Jay-Z.

For the record, we made this song with a $20 Radio Shack microphone, Acid 5.0 software and a makeshift pop-filter...straight gutta.

Honestly, despite the complete lack of production on this song and the obvious flaws in the mixing (we didnt do anything), I have a lot of love for this song. This is what kicked everything off for us, so it will always mean something to us. I remember how it felt to hear the final version of this song outta the speakers in Ren's Dodge Dynasty...official! Anyway, enough talk, lets get to the music. Enjoy.

"...and I used to rock chains that was missing a link,
now I see myself change when I look above the sink,
inspections take place before the session,
in school half my life, but I never learned a lesson..."



Pops says:
August 19, 2008 at 3:46 PM

I like this joint....classic green street.

"...and I dont waste no time mackin babes"