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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some ole' Green Street Press

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Here is an article that The Hippodrome did about us sometime late last year. The Hippodrome describes themselves as the "not your average media blog, sending the best unknown and unheard musicians right to your computer, free of charge." We sent in a sample of our music to the site, and they liked it enough to ask us to do an interview for them, which provided the pieces for this article.

My initial reaction to the article was mixed. I think they misinterpreted our statements about how literature and philosophy play into our music; my initial point of bringing up our outside influences was to highlight how our style runs deeper than just music, but they kind of made that seem like the central aspect of our music, making us seem on some crazy, existentialism-oriented-neutron popping-Holden Caufield Wanna-be nerd rap type music. It's all good though, y'all know the drill.

Thats it for now, we got some BIG things in the works right now, working with some outside artists and whatnot, so we will keep y'all posted. New music coming soon, stay in tuned!